Thursday, August 30, 2007

Made it to San Marcos

We left Lost Hills at 5 a.m. - temperature was 86 degrees!

Actually got rained on the Grapevine. Saw some spectacular lightning - happy it was from afar.

It wasn't a bad ride down here - we arrived at Escondido Cycle at 10 a.m. As agreed they took Larry's bike in right away.

We left the cycle shop after 1 p.m. to return tomorrow for the installation of the parts they had to order today.

Not only are they fixing Larry's O2 sensor, they are replacing the defective trunk lock assembly on my trike. They also discovered a recall on my trike that had not been done and took care of that.

We are at the Ramada Limited in San Marcos - not too shabby for $52 a night.
Clark and Kathy Flynn have arrived!

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