Saturday, October 27, 2007

Loren Visits

Loren's new career as a truck driver has kept him out of California, so yesterday when he was able to stop in Lake County for breakfast it was a real treat. We enjoyed the visit!

We have been busy driving to and from Sacramento. Last week we had to go down for Larry's follow up CT Scan. This week we went down for the follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon. Happy to say Larry has no recurring meningioma. Next appointment in 2 years.

We continue to be amazed at how busy we are in retirement!

Larry had the bright idea to have a Halloween outfit for Lucie so she can go to the Doggie Fest today - with the help of a free pattern from the internet I sewed a vest with a Jack-O-Lantern design on the back. She also gets to wear a hat!

My friend and I took advantage of a wreath making class at one of the senior centers, so I've been having fun creating!

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