Friday, January 18, 2008

December and January

Christmas visitors. Quiet times. A trip to the emergency room.

Christmas saw Loren, Daren and Kristie with us for dinner. A lovely day for all of us. Unfortunately Daren & Kristie had to eat and run.

We drove to Sacramento so we could provide Loren a ride to the airport for his flight east to return to work. We used the opportunity to visit with friends!

The first Sunday in January saw us making a trip to the emergency room at 5 a.m. - Larry experience his (and hopefully last) kidney stone. All is well, but the process was excruciating.

My brother returned from his trip to Australia and New Zealand and is off looking at property in Nevada.

It has been a little too nippy for us to ride, but we are hoping for a change soon!

We miss Lucie. Don't have any desire to have another dog right now, but it seems that at every turn there is a reminder of our gentle friend :(

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