Sunday, May 11, 2008

Beware Cute Fabric!

While a friend and I were on an escape day we happened into Walmart. I headed for the fabric section and while I was looking for something new I happened upon a cute fleece fabric with animals. Not only was it an interesting design, the fleece itself was velvet soft.

Fast forward to purchasing not only the fleece but a bunch of flannel as well. The end result is a couple of snuggles for babies as well as a couple of pillows made from the scraps. Isn't the animal print the cutest! I may purchase more for more projects!


RetaBurrita said...

Oh, yeh, Wally World is a killer for cute fabrics. I am not allowed to go there very often.

vlijtig said...

Thank you fro commenting on my blog. And what an surprising idea to use the basket-tutorial for an upside-down project!