Monday, July 2, 2007

July 1 and 2

We met Lynn, Jana, Chuck and Peggie at Highway 20 and Highway 53 at 6 a.m. on July 1st.

A lovely cool morning to begin the trip.

The ride turned into a major slog as the day progressed. We rode over to I-5, then to I-80 and on to Battle Mountain, Nevada. Between the heat and the wind the 450 miles seemed to take forever.

On reaching Battle Mountain we stayed at a nice Super 8 motel that had a pool, hot tub and WiFi - what more could we ask? A good restaurant would have been nice. We ended up eating at the McDonald's next door because we were so tired.

While at the Super 8 we met Dean the truck driver - he decided he was Larry's new best friend. On leaving the pool area Dean actually put his arm around Larry. After that he knocked on our door and offered us chili hot dogs for dinner......we couldn't decide whether he was just very lonely OR HE WAS THE PSYCHO TRUCK DRIVER YOU SEE ON TV. With relief we saw he had left the motel before we did this morning.

The ride from Battle Mountain over to Wells was nice. We then rode north on 93 to Jackpot where we had brunch at Cactus Pete's ----and my telephone rang. Steve Biggs was in Boise headed for Rexburg.

So the 7 of us are at the Super 8 in Rexburg, Idaho - another nice motel. Just no pool.

At a rest area between Pocatello and Idaho Falls we met two guys from the Bay Area headed for Billings. After talking with Marty I walked past the other guy and realized he was someone we had ridden with before....I did the "I know you.....we rode the Carlos Ramos Ride." John and Marty were on the C.R. ride a couple of times. (For the life of me I can't remember their last names!)

Except for meeting some nice and interesting people the ride has truly been uneventful - exactly what we were hoping.

Tomorrow we leave at 7 a.m. to go through Yellowstone, over Beartooth Pass and on to Billings.

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