Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Ride Home 07

On leaving Polson we rode to Lewiston, Idaho where Lynn and Jana stayed with relatives. The ride down the Clearwater River canyon is truly awesome. We had a nice lunch at a little place toward the bottom on the canyon. (Only other option was a lodge further up the canyon.)

Chuck misplaced himself just north of Lewiston - he and Peggie continued on home alone.

Larry, Steve and I stayed in Lewiston over night and headed for Klamath Falls, Oregon -- 500 miles the next day. Longest day's ride I've ever ridden.

On arriving in Klamath Falls we stayed at the Super 8 at the north end of town.

An easy ride home in temperatures that did not exceed 80 degrees. We stopped at the Bear Creek Vista Point on Highway 20 for a break before continuing into Lake County. While we were stopped, Chuck and Peggie rode by. It was nice to know they had made it that far safely.


Jo said...

Great to have you back in the home land. You forgot to mention the Wing-ding; How was it? I didn't even know that Chuck-Peggie were going; glad they were found.

Jo said...

did you see Bill-Eileen in Billings?

Suzanne & Larry said...

Didn't see Bill or Eileen in Billings - there were over 9,700 people signed up for Wing Ding.

Did see Darryl of Bakersfield who was on the TAA last year.

The Wing Ding was good, lots of vendors. We actually didn't spend a lot of time at the Wing Ding.

On day three Larry purchased some lights for the bikes and had it all stolen. Left a sour note!

We had a delightful visit with Jack and Barbara Liedle - as nice as the visit we had with Helen and Jack in Michigan.

I would gladly arrange a trip to Michigan and Montana to visit these nice people. Of course I'd have to include Missouri and Texas to visit other nice people as well!