Thursday, April 3, 2008

Evening Wrap Instructions

Here are the instructions for the 60" long evening wrap.

Materials Needed:

¼ yard of 60 inch sari or brocade weight fabric (FRONT)

¼ yard of 60 inch silky weight fabric for lining (BACK)

½ yard fringe – at least 2 inches long, even longer would be good

Double stick tape

Thread to match

Trim edges of fabric pieces. Make sure both pieces of fabric are the same size.

On the right side, narrow end, of the FRONT fabric place 2 inch sections of double stick tape an inch from the edges at approximately 2 inch intervals. Place the correct width of fringe on the tape. (Make sure your fringe is neat on the edges or it will not look good.)

Do the same thing at the other end. You now need to place tape on the top of the fringe (if you don’t the BACK won’t hold for sewing).

Place the tape on the long edges in the same manner.

Carefully place the BACK (right side) on the FRONT (right side) and fringe. Matching edge to edge.

The double stick tape will hold the fabrics together for sewing.

Starting about 5 inches from a corner begin sewing a ¼ inch seam. Sew all the way around stopping 3 inches from where you started.

Trim the corners and edges, except where the opening is.

Using the opening, turn to the right side. Using a long handled utensil, poke the corners so they are neatly squared.

Remove the double stick tape.

Press the seams. Top stitch the opening and around the entire wrap.

For a longer wrap purchase two ¼ yards of fabric for FRONT. Sew ends together. Cut to length you want. Do the same with the lining fabric (BACK). Proceed with instructions.

For a wider wrap purchase ½ yard of fabrics. Tape and sew.

If these instructions are not clear enough I'll do a step by step tutorial.

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