Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Continues

While the skies have been clear and sunny the temperatures have been decidedly wintry.

Sunday we traveled to Santa Rosa to pickup a new laptop for a friend. I lovely drive in the Mustang. Daren and Kristie also came for a visit.

We visited with Daren and Kristie and then had lunch at Jack's Gaslight in Lakeport. Except for the fact Jack doesn't appear to have a heating system and it took forever to receive our food it was great - as usual. Daren's friend Jonathan visited with us during lunch.

Today was "use up as many oranges as possible" day - so I baked. I find it amazing that many recipes online request frozen orange juice, not the real deal. Go figure! I think I'm down to 20 lbs. of oranges we grew.

The orange tree is now covered in orange blossoms - they smell so nice.

The photo of the yellow trike is Larry's newest ride - which we will pick up in Washington state next Monday.

The bottom photo is of friends Carol J., Suzanne S., Michele P. and Chuck G. taken after breakfast last Sunday.

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