Thursday, April 3, 2008

Heat Resistant Curling Iron Bag

When we travel I do my hair just as we are leaving. I hate having to put the hot curling iron in the luggage. So once I became interested in sewing again I looked for a pattern to make something that will keep the heat from ruining anything. Saw where someone has a patent on some kind of curling iron bag, also saw advertisements for bags selling for $20 and up - didn't even look.

I tried to modify instructions from a tote bag I found on line but just couldn't get it to do what I wanted with two different fabric patterns and with the heat resistant lining. After trying four times and having all four not being what I was looking for I had an "Eureka" moment. So here it is - my first pattern. The pattern assumes people already know how to sew.

Copyright 2008. This pattern is intended for your personal use only. Please do not post this pattern on any other site or claim it as your own. The items you make belong to you and you may sell them at craft fairs, bazaars, and to family, friends, and you may donate them to any charity, as long as you give me credit as the designer. Please ask permission before selling online. Selling in mass to retail or wholesale stores is prohibited.

Suzanne’s Heat Resistant Curling Iron Bag

28" piece of ribbon, lace, cord or whatever you like
Thread to match or compliment fabric
Permanent fabric adhesive
Two pieces of cotton fabric 15 inches x 6 inches for OUTSIDE

Two pieces of cotton fabric 15 inches x 6 inches for INSIDE
Two pieces of Insul-Bright™ heat resistant lining 14 3/4 inches long x 6 inches (or whatever brand you prefer)

Repeat for the remaining fabric pieces.

Place and pin Insul-Bright™ pieces on either side of the OUTSIDE fabric BOTH sides. (The OUTSIDE fabric will be sandwiched between the Insul-Bright lining.)

Starting on a lower side of the INSIDE fabric end stitch edges together with ¼ inch seam leaving an opening long enough to turn right side out.

Remove pins, trim corners and edges (except for the open place) and turn fabric right side out – should be a 5 ½ inch wide by 29 1/2 inch long tube of fabric. Press the seams.

Top stitch the opening used to turn fabric.

Now – stuff the top 14 3/4 inches of fabric down into the opening – you will end up with a fully lined heat resistant 14 3/4 inch x 5 ½ inch tube.

Stitch around the top edge where ever you like – this will keep the lining in place.

Using permanent fabric adhesive on the outside 2 inches from the top opening place a 28” piece of lace, ribbon, cord, tape or whatever you like. Place the adhesive on the back and 1" on the front of the tube, put the ribbon on the adhesive. Allow to dry.

Place the curling iron in the bag – tie ribbon in a bow.

This may also be made with all the same fabric – simply cut two 30 inch x 6 inch pieces and pin right sides facing. Pin Ultra-Bright™ pieces to one end. Continue with the remainder of the instructions.

You could make this shorter if you just wanted a bag long enough to put the hot barrel in and not the entire device.

This can be this simple, or you could embellish the front with appliques, beads, sequins or whatever takes your fancy.



dragonfly said...

Thanks for the idea..that is cool! I have one, but not as nice as that! Thabks for sharing!

nanasknoll said...

I think I will try this one. Next time I take a trip I could use this idea. Thanks for posting it.

Gloria said...

Thanks for this tutorial. This would be great for many ladies I know. Never too early to start on Christmas gifts...

Amy said...

I just found your blog and tut. thanks alot!! I have several girls in the fam that could use one for Christmas.

Suzanne and Larry said...

You are welcome!