Sunday, September 16, 2007

Michigan and Minnesota

Last evening we stayed at a Budget Host Motel in Marquette, Michigan. Weather was cool leaving Sudbury, but improved somewhat. The scenery is awesome and it would be nice to spend time in the area sometime in the future.

The motel was rated by AAA as one of the lesser accomodations in the area - can't say enough nice things about Brentwood Inn. Very comfortable and clean. Couldn't ask for much more - except a coffeemaker and hair dryer in the room! For $50, it was SUPERB!

We left Marquette at 9 a.m. - in temps under 50 degrees (Larry tried to tell me it was 54, but no way). We were wearing every possible layer and managed quite well. We rode through Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota via Hwy 2 --- speed limit 55 and every one drove 65. Again - wow to the scenery. By this afternoon the temperatures were up over 70 degrees, so riding was comfy. So many motorcycles out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Tomorrow's ride should be far better as the low is only supposed to be 59 here in Park Rapid, Minnesota tonight.

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