Friday, September 14, 2007


Perhaps not the most attractive photo! This was taken at the Blue Jays game last evening. A pitcher's game - ended up being 2-1 Blue Jays. We left at the bottom on the sixth.

It was a chilly game, but as soon as we got on the bikes to ride to the motel we felt warmer. Go figure!

Yesterday was a leisurely day. After getting up late we went to a couple of shopping malls so Dennis could pick up some stuff. He lost a saddle bag in PA as well as having no rain gear.

We lunched at the Pickle Barrel - nice place to eat, just that service was slower than a pedestrian with a walker in a crosswalk during rush hour!

You know how you travel into big cities and the air always smells like traffic? Not so Toronto - we kept smelling COOKIES or PASTRIES. The city is also very clean. The people aren't exactly the smiley kind, but we did get some of them to perk up!

We are heading out this a.m. - not in a major hurry and not sure which direction we will be going, aside from west.

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