Sunday, September 23, 2007

We are Home!

We waited to leave Fernley, NV until almost 10:30 a.m. - any earlier and we would have been wet before got out of town.

As we headed west of I-80 we saw many motorcyclists leaving the Reno area. Street Vibrations lost quite a few participants before the final day began.

Once we were beyond Reno the weather got wetter. On the way up to Donner Pass traffic picked up and the rain became less spotty. One group of Hell's Angels from Oakland roared by just as the rain really started coming down.

As we headed down from Donner Pass there were so many motorcyclists being cautious that they were keeping the car traffic to a SENSIBLE speed. It was the most sane trip along I-80 from Reno I have ever been on and the worst weather!

We turned off of I-80 on to Hwy 20 and encountered fog as well as rain. By the time we got to Marysville the weather had improved dramatically.

A nice lunch at Granzella's and we hurried home in time to pick up Lucie at the kennel.

Over 7,000 miles. What an awesome country. What awesome people we rode with and met along the way. Good to be home....until Wednesday! The map is of the route we took this September.

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