Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sept 1 - Oceanside, CA to Kingman, AZ

September 1st has to be the most AWFUL day for riding we have ever experienced.

Left Oceanside at 9 a.m. (way too late given the heat). Rode to Victorville (only little over 100 degrees).

My trike does not like hot temperatures - therefore we rode at 55 mph (the posted limit for vehicles with trailers) most of the way. Gauge pegged out on the way to Victorville. We stopped twice to cool it and ourselves off.

After Victorville it just got worse. The grand plan was to meet up in Needles and take back roads into Kingman via Laughlin. About an hour before we were to get to Needles the radio reported that the temp in Laughlin was 117.....we decided the backroads to keep and would continue on the Kingman.

5 p.m. in Needles it was 116 degrees. We stopped for a drink and a soak. Engine heat on the mesh pants was excessive. Continued on to Kingman - within 20 miles the temps had dropped to 104....a few miles on the temps were down to 90.

Arrived in Kingman about 15 minutes late for dinner....fortunately dinner wasn't ready.

The people on the ride....Chief Bruce and one of his buddies from last year. Clark from Albuequerue, Mike Moehn (sp?) but not Teresa, and some other I just don't remember their names. Darryl from Bakersfield rode over to Victorville just to say hi!

John, Bob, Carol, Steve Biggs, Chuck, Steve & Jo --- everyone is asking where you are! People were looking forward to seeing you.

Frank and Lil from York, PA have ridden along with us. Even at slower speeds!

I loaned one of my cool vests to Lil, Larry loaned one of his to Marj Covert. I KNOW we would not have made it without the cool vests.

Gary & Marj were late arriving in Oceanside, but did make it. Same thing in Victorville and Kingman.

Temperature here in Kingman now is 73...and were are almost ready to hit the road.

Larry took photos....will post another time.

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