Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept 3rd - NM to Amarillo, TX

A bunch of guys got up bright and early to participate in the balloon take off....no one showed up at the balloon center as early as they did!

Back to the hotel - and then on to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. This was a special for us to get there early before the crowd. As far as service went, it didn't matter. Food was okay - just.

We departed at 8:30 a.m. with Victor (retired NM highway patrol officer) in the lead over the scenic route. We headed toward Santa Fe. By going this way we rode through Madrid, NM....where Wild Hogs was filmed. Somehow 5 of us stopped in Madrid and the larger group rode on.

We left Madrid and headed toward Las Vegas, NM - and on to Hwy 104 to Tucumcari, NM.

Frank, Lil, Marge, Gary, Larry & I were riding together (Mark and Dennis had met up with the other riders) and stopped for fuel before heading down Hwy 104. After fueling up Larry & I took off for Tucumcari (106 miles) and the other four stayed back to chat and have lunch.

Hwy 104 is pretty much straight south to I-40 downhill. When arrived in Tucumcari around 2 p.m. - as we were finishing up with the fuel stop, some of the other riders pulled in.

Picked up I-40 and Amarillo, Texas. Except for the gusty winds the ride on the interstate was uneventful.

Frank & Lil rode in sometime after 6 p.m. Gary's muffler had detached from his trike - missed hitting them, but needed to be put back on.

As of 9 p.m. last night Gary & Marge were still in Tucumcari trying to get the trike repaired. They did make it to the motel and have decided to take the trike home and pick up another vehicle before heading to Troy, IL.

We had another nice dinner at the Big Texan.

This a.m. we head for OK.

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