Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sept 4th - TX to Tulsa, OK

Lots of little "groups" of riders - Larry & I were the smallest group. We opted out of going to the memorial in OKC, OK because Larry's brother-in-law was stranded in OKC, OK with vehicle problems so we were able to spend time with him just east of OKC, OK.

We got off of I-40 after visiting with Jay - ended up on OK Hwy 66 - which was the ride we took last year with the group.

Not too hot today - low 80s, lots of humidity. Riding was pleasant, but everytime you slowed down you melted!

Arrived at the motel around 5:30 p.m. just in time to unload the bikes and for Larry to join Gary & Marge on their way over to the American Legion. The remainder of the riders were riding up Oklahoma Hwy 66 headed for the American Legion.

There was a dude doing maintenance at the motel that could have been an Elvis impersonator - right down to the shades!

I stayed at the motel to do laundry!

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