Friday, September 14, 2007

Sudbury, Canada

We didn't make it far...left Mississauga around 10:30 a.m.

My fearless leader didn't believe the GPS - so it took us nearly an hour to get OUT of Toronto using alternate roads.

Once we got on the road it was nice...the temps were around 75 degrees. Then the further we went the cooler it became. Stopped to put on some jackets and just the other side of Parry Sound we hit some really hard rain. The trike hydroplaned, but I managed to keep it on my side of the road. When the semi going in the opposite direction threw and wave of water over the top of me, I knew I had to stop. Had to back track to a gas station and eatery and wait out as much as we could.

Back on the road with all the rain gear and it never rained again.

Once we arrived in Sudbury it became obvious that IT WAS COLD and WINDY! Staying the night at a Super 8 - not a bad place, just more bucks than the last one and no pool!

Tomorrow we will be riding back to the USA - headed for Wisconsin via Michigan. Not leaving very early because the temperatures aren't supposed to be very high.

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